Upcoming temporary lab closure: February 7 – 18, 2014

Hello everyone!

Please note that I have one more temporary lab closure coming up, and I promise it will be the last one for a while ;-)

In case you are curious, this absence will be part-work and part-vacation in that it will involve a good chunk of time dedicated to strategic planning. Those words seem so odd to me… they are a great deal more “business-y” than I ever thought I’d type! But, until I think of another phrase, it will have to do ;-)  This is all to say that when I started Just the Goods in 2009, it never occurred to me that it would evolve into something more than a part-time project to steer me away from the unfulfilling aspects of my career at the time. Fast-forward 4.5 years and, not only is Just the Goods my full-time occupation, but it is growing so quickly that I realize I must pause in order to figure out how to carry on in ways that are genuinely sustainable. I know I want to always make my products by hand, and I know I always want my products to be affordable, but I also know that I need to get a little more sleep than I have for the past 6 months *tee hee*.

All that aside, I’d like to share the following dates affecting orders placed during the month of February =-)

  • February 6: the last day to place orders for mailing on or before February 10 -or- for pick up at Point Douglas is for Lovers on February 8.
  • February 8: Just the Goods will be at Point Douglas is For Lovers to hang out with my amazing neighbours… join us!!  Please visit this link for details.
  • If your order is placed between February 7 – 9, and the items you’ve requested are already in stock, I will mail your order just before I leave for the airport on February 10. If what you’ve ordered is not in stock, I will handmake your selections and mail them on upon my return.
  • February 10 – 18: I will be away and have chosen not to access email during this time. I will look forward to responding to all messages as soon as I return =-)
  • February 19: First day back in the lab! All orders received February 7 – 18 will be handmade starting today and mailed as quickly as possible there after =-)

awaymessage Thanks so much! You’re awesome =-)


2 Responses to “Upcoming temporary lab closure: February 7 – 18, 2014”

  1. mcpowell123@yahoo.com February 11, 2014 9:45 pm #

    Help! It is very hard to find items, there is no continue shopping icon? Am I missing it?

    • JTGadmin February 18, 2014 2:42 pm #

      Hello Mcpowell =-) Thanks for your message.
      As soon as you add an item to your cart, a green box appears and in it are the words: “Product” was successfully added to your cart. Then there is a button that says, “continue shopping”. When you press that, it takes you back to the item you just selected. If you don’t want to add another version of the same item, you can click “Shop Online: Mail Order + Local Pick Up” to go back to the main menu where you started and choose a category. There is also a search bar on the main menu — the whole product database is carefully indexed and tagged, so the search bar should bring up everything related to your query. I hope this helps!! Thanks =-) =-)

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