Just the Goods and Rawmazing.com team up once more!

Today is really turning out to be a very exciting day for Just the Goods! Inspiring raw vegan chef, Susan Powers of Rawmazing, has just posted news of a giveaway we’re hosting on her site, which I truly encourage you to visit: http://www.rawmazing.com/just-the-goods-giveaway.

I discovered Rawmazing for the first time almost two years ago and it is now my go-to destination for healthy and delicious food ideas that are so fun to make and share =-) I trust that anyone looking for creative ways to invigorate their health through good food will find everything they need to make and sustain change at Rawmazing.com =-)


And if nothing else, you must at the very least click through to view the unbelievably beautiful photos Susan took of my products! Oooh, the warm glow of California sunshine and the fantastic skill to make the most of it, of course!! *tee hee*

Thank you, Susan! ♥

The giveaway is easy to enter and runs until November 28, so you have two days to get involved for your chance to win!


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